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Like many thousands of mature Australians, you are not alone. Transitioning from your family home can feel incredibly overwhelming and stir up mixed emotions from the past. 

Belinda Woolrych - Downsizing Expert, Director of Learning at www.rightsizeyourhome.com.au where she has some fantastic courses to help you downsize, and Author of Rightsize Your Home - The Empty Nester’s Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize, shares her “Rightsize Your Home” framework to help and support you move through the process effectively and efficiently with a practical, step by step roadmap on how to overcome the fears and challenges of Rightsizing and plan to make the journey a fun, stress-free and profitable process.

Belinda leaves no stone unturned. You will find all aspects of Downsizing covered by Belinda and senior industry experts sharing insights and knowledge on how you can live your best life in retirement including the positives to downsizing from How to Get in Control of Your Downsize through to decluttering tips.

Belinda’s experience and qualifications in this niche property market, position her as a leading authority in the field. In this podcast, she provides a highly researched account of the Downsizing process and illustrates her point by sharing many case studies. Belinda is also a keynote speaker of National Downsizing Masterclasses.

Belinda has spent over a decade transforming homes and lives, focusing on changes that add value to residential property. In this time, she has completed hundreds of makeovers and added millions of dollars of value to properties for homeowners. 

If you’ve been wanting to Rightsize but have been putting off or avoiding the big move altogether, this podcast series is the life-changing influence you’ve been waiting for!