Reasons Why Downsizing is Beneficial for Seniors

Reasons Why Downsizing is Beneficial for Seniors

Less loneliness, Better friendships and Less Stress… Reasons Why Downsizing is Beneficial for Seniors

There are many reasons why downsizing is beneficial for seniors.  I’m so passionate about it that I wrote my book because of it!  The downsizing benefits can mostly be linked with statistics that focus on mental health. Where a senior is happier, not lonely and less stressed with their surroundings, the flow on effect is enormous.

Downsizing means the senior has more time to invest in themselves, their own interests, and relationship re-kindling or building.

A decrease in loneliness is also a huge factor that is assisted with downsizing, and is linked to increased mental health.  Our first hand findings are that where a senior is either left on their own or is caring for another, it is far more difficult in a larger family home.  It is often harder to get out and socialise.

Again, first hand experience of more happier seniors is seen when a couple is embedded into a downsized home and community, prior to losing a partner.  It works so much better when a couple is established with their networks and home prior to the event.

Seniors will enjoy more freedom to move around and take time out for travel and spending time with relatives and friends.  If a senior is caught up in a larger home with maintenance issues, and/or having to get in the car to go everywhere, travelling to see people becomes a barrier to investing that time.  Again, contributing to raised stress levels.

Other benefits include the distribution and control of items contained within the house, again this benefit correlates to lowering stress levels.  First hand research shows where seniors are in control of this process, the practice is far more enjoyable and frees the burden of constantly looking and being reminded of all those items around you.

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