Downsizing advice from older people and people taking care of elderly parents

Downsizing Advice from Older People and People Taking Care of Elderly Parents

After working with many senior downsizers, I feel reassured and glad that I invested my time speaking with them, learning, and listening.

These downsizing conversations and experiences motivated me to write my book Rightsize Your Home, the Empty Nesters Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize. I wanted their lessons to be passed onto the next downsizers, to help them with the challenges and pre-emptive steps which can be taken to avoid any unnecessary stress.

When I hear advice from older people and advice from children taking care of elderly parents.  They say they are so glad they downsized when they did and strongly recommend downsizing to others to happen sooner rather than later when you are in complete control of your destiny.

After working with these downsizers through the months of organising (and often more so in seeking advice themselves), I heard every downsizer, without exception, state they wished; number 

  1. They had downsized sooner or number 
  2. Thought the job was much easier than first anticipated.

My advice for anyone taking care of elderly parents or parents-in-law who are in the lead-up and/or downsizing is to reassure them and even seek advice from other older people who have downsized themselves, they will all say the same thing.  Your parent/s will also say that they would never go back in the long run!

There are many benefits of downsizing for people caring for elderly parents.  My advice is that downsizing your parents will be so much easier in the long run for everyone involved.  Approaching the advice about downsizing is of course an emotive subject and should be expressed with care, however, once you’ve started the conversation, don’t go back.  It is important to start the conversation and seek professional advice together.  Remember to seek advice from professionals who specialise in helping older people with financial and real estate knowledge.

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