Where should I downsize to

Where Should I Downsize To? A Guide to Deciding the Right Place For You

If you would like a guide to downsizing, read on here… My guide for you is taken directly from the comments of previous downsizers and their thoughts about what sort of downsize has proven to be successful. They are passing their gems of downsizing experience and wisdom through me to you!

Top of the ‘Where should I live?’ downsizing list is…

  1. Location Location Location – who do I want to be near? This could be in the form of clubs, family, services, medical specialists. Make sure who is top of your list. Now to confuse things – don’t necessarily rely on children for example, as they may want the freedom to move around.
  2. What type of Support do you want to be near. Remember, if you are currently living with someone, what happens if they are not around? You probably don’t want to think about it, but it does regularly happen. If you don’t want to move again (let’s face it, who likes moving!) then think about this one carefully. In conjunction with #1 and #2 is
  3. What do I want to be near? Some of these things are available in many places too, so should be looked at in combination with the above. This may mean; airport, lake, mountains, beach, services etc, etc.
  4. What about the next phase? I really don’t want to scare you now, but think about all of the numbers 1-3 above for the ‘next phase’. You may want to be somewhere where your next phase is just around the corner (logistically)!

For more information about ‘Shifting Your Mindset’ and thinking about these things, tap into the information in my book etc, etc. All of the information is from many years of working with downsizers and knowing their insights learned and secrets shared!


Shifting Your Mindset

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