Seniors Do’s and Don’ts of Staging a Family Home You’re Planning to Sell

I’ve been through many seniors’ homes and have a very comprehensive list of successes and not-so-successful presentation techniques for selling the family home & Home Staging Tips.

There are one-offs, of course, however, there are a lot of similarities when comparing family homes of seniors.  

I’ll give you my favorite Home Staging quick wins for seniors when selling the family home.  I’ll also encourage you to think a little differently about what stays for the sale and what goes for the Home sale.

1) DO! Review your paint color inside and out

A repaint is one of the quickest ‘bang for bucks’ you can do when preparing your home for sale. Look up some of the paint brand’s websites and browse through their pictures.

I’ll challenge you to think,

  • Do all the pictures need to come down anyhow?
  • Does a lot of the furniture need to be moved anyhow?
  • Did you want to steam clean your carpets anyhow?

Why not use this as an excuse! Some of the paint companies will offer a color consultant with over a certain volume of paint bought, so why not enquire. Always hire a color professional they know what younger families want to see!

2) DO! Rethink your furniture

As we get older, we know our children want to move around and often our friends start selling and moving too!  Things really do change as you get older, the street, then neighbors, and local facilities all change, so you may need to re-think things!

3) DO! Declutter, declutter, declutter!

You’re going to a smaller house, so have a think about what you really really want to hang onto. Like all your furniture, what you take to your new place should really only be the items that you really really love. We have a whole activity in the training regarding how to approach and stage the declutter of your home. You’ll love it I’m sure. You need declutter timeframes, declutter order of rooms, declutter rewards…!

I hope you love my favorite quick wins for seniors and DON’T! leave it too late or ignore what a refresh and declutter at your home can do when thinking of selling. My job is for you to have a stress free downsize and get the most out of your property sale, so head on over to to learn much much more about downsizing and getting the most out of your property sale and getting the most put back in your pocket, you deserve it!



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