• If you found this blog post, it means that you may be looking for an answer for that same question. You?re not alone. While a definite answer hardly applies to everyone, knowing as much about the factors that lead to a sound decision is your best route. We?ll help you
  • There?s a diaspora of homeowners out there seemingly treading a different path. There?s a phenomenon where Empty Nesters, seniors, and pre-retirees are looking towards settling in smaller homes. An emerging trend, so to speak, it?s not only raising the bar towards traditional housing, but it?s also increasing the quality of
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    Faced with the prospect of moving, Empty Nesters are tasked with the overwhelming thought of choosing which possessions to keep, sell, discard or give away. It is true that through the years, each item in our possession has a memory attached to it. Belinda Grundy has some?suggestions so that the
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    Thinking positively is how we ought to live our lives! We want to have enjoyed our past and let the present work its wonders on our next road. Amongst Empty Nesters, the eternal question about the next road to take remains the same: what do I get if I rightsize