empty nester looking to downsize

Are you an Empty-Nester Looking to Downsize or ‘Rightsize’ from the Family Home?

On the off chance that you will be, you may be pondering – so how is ‘Rightsizing’ diverse to ‘Downsizing’?

Downsizing vs Rightsizing

Allow me to clarify: Downsizing (action word). to make (something) more modest. Rightsizing (action word). to change over (something) to a fitting or ideal size.

There’s a presumption that when kids reach adulthood, they will have their own lives and move out of the family home. Their folks will instinctually ‘downsize’ and dispose of the assets they’ve gathered throughout the long term, sell the house, and move into a more modest home that is simpler to keep up. Frequently it doesn’t occur along these lines and we see individuals decide to live in their homes until the end. The question is, is downsizing the correct choice for all and what are the choices?

The Change Cycle

Eventually, your best course of action isn’t tied in with downsizing or upsizing: it’s about what I like to call ‘Rightsizing’. It’s tied in with limiting your feelings of anxiety and living in a property that suits your present necessities. This could mean buying a more modest private property, living in an over 55’s locale, a retirement town or in any event, assembling another granny level in your backyard!

It is said that significant change has a comparative impact of trauma and I can say I have absolutely observed this in a considerable lot of our empty-nesters who leave it to some degree past the point where it is possible to move.

The change cycle follows the cycle; denial, anger, depression, bargaining, acceptance.

empty-nesters looking to downsize - change cycle

Immobilisation and disavowal is the place where I meet the greater part of my empty-nesters. “I don’t have a clue where to begin“, “I don’t have the foggiest idea who to trust“. The vast majority of our downsizers (or rightsizers) are stuck in the pattern of “It’s excessively hard, so it is simpler to stay“.

There’s unmistakably more to this than what we find in an ordinary real estate deal. Empty-nesters at this stage require support, patience, understanding and they are additionally frequently the most steadfast.

Downsizing Case Study

One of our empty-nesters constructed the house with her better half 45 years back. The house was very worn out and seriously needed repairs. The family home was quite huge and for it to be presentable on the market, it required a lot of money. Our real estate agent demonstrated without this spend, the property in its present condition would sell for $1.5m. However with our spend of $220,000, the property was sold at $2.2m.

This is an enormous emotional rollercoaster for our empty-nester, subsequent to beginning with anxiety at the Initial Appraisal. We have painstakingly taken her through the necessary changes as we got through the home project. She absolutely loved the result and the freedom to finally release herself of the overwork and the worry of a large family home. She has bought a beachside apartment – and she is enjoying a Rightsized life!


Shifting Your Mindset

Understanding The RIGHT TIME, Moving Roadblocks, And How To Be READY For Your DOWNSIZE.

Online Courses for Empty Nesters

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Rightsize Your Home Online Course Part 1: Shifting Your Mindset will help you understand where you are currently at and help you move through any overwhelming thoughts that may be stopping you from moving forward. You will also begin to plan and feel more excited about your next chapter!

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