learn how to downsize and declutter

Learn How To Downsize and Declutter

In this post, Belinda discusses how you can learn how to downsize and declutter.

In the event that you are hoping to Downsize soon, you are in good company. Numerous more seasoned Australians in the long run think about cutting back the family home for a range of reasons, which sounds relatively straightforward! In any case, start to expose what’s underneath and you reveal a list of problems – your emotions and financial challenges. Ideally, selling your home in retirement and moving to an apartment, townhouse or a more modest house would disentangle your life, however, with the wrong decision can challenge your retirement reserve funds. However, there is a great deal more to consider than just the cash.

The acquisition of the family home was an insightful and smart decision, way back then. The objective was the fulfillment of the Great Australian Dream – an optimistic, whenever dated idea. By saying farewell to the family home numerous years after, the act of scaling back can be an overwhelming end to the fantasy.

We understand you have a big job ahead and it may feel incredibly daunting. Not only do you have to declutter and sort through years of memories, but you will also need to find an appropriate home, one that you will love and is easier to manage. Understandably, it is often hard to know who to trust or the right steps to take. Service providers, unless specializing in helping people downsize, may be unaware of the right advice to offer and you may fall into the traps and pitfalls when in the downsizing journey.

Learn How to Downsize and Declutter with Rightsize Your Home

The first step in the downsizing journey is ‘learning about downsizing’. Have you been contemplating it for a long while? With regards to decluttering, do you feel totally stuck? Do you glance around and think that it’s difficult to tell where to start? For a few, even just the idea of downsizing can be weakening. It can stir many mixed emotions, both great and terrible. If you start this on the wrong foot, it can cause an enormous measure of unjustifiable pressure.

In the event that you’ve been holding back to downsize as well as declutter, yet have been putting it off or dodging the large move time and time again, this online course is certainly for you.


Shifting Your Mindset – Understanding The RIGHT TIME, Moving Roadblocks, And How To Be READY For Your DOWNSIZE.

Online Courses for Empty Nesters

This online course for empty nesters is designed as the first step of a 3-part program focusing on improving your mindset and can be completed independently or as a pre-requisite to Part 2 and Part 3 for the full ‘Rightsize Your Home’ program.

Rightsize Your Home Online Course Part 1: Shifting Your Mindset will help you understand where you are currently at and help you move through any overwhelming thoughts that may be stopping you from moving forward. You will also begin to plan and feel more excited about your next chapter!

We invite you to try this online course, click below now.


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