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Your Decluttering Timeframe

In this post, Belinda discusses why you need a timeframe when decluttering.

Set An End Date

It’s a great idea to set an end date. Now that may be I’m going to have Christmas dinner next year in my new home. Or it may be that you want to pack up and travel around in your car visiting places locally. It could be that you want to live closer to potentially one of the children. I’ve heard of all of these sorts of visions before.


So set an end date, what works for you and your loved ones too. But really, most importantly for you. Now, there’s always that macro picture, which is the larger end date itself. And then of course, there’s the micro, which then keeps going into more smaller plans that all fit under that larger umbrella. For example, with an end date, you can then make more micro plans as far as breaking up the different rooms in the house. So that’s sketching out this next plan. Now you’ve done the physical layout of the vision of your new home.

Decluttering Calendar

The next plan is going on to a calendar. So if you can treat that like a part time job, and you’re enlisting yourself to be able to do these tasks. You may then feel that it might be every Wednesday and Friday afternoon, that you may want to rusty yourself on. Or it may be that you’re talking to a friend or a neighbour, and maybe swapping services. So it’s about breaking down that large picture of the house and working out which room you’re going to approach first and make timelines for those.

Your Decluttering Timeframe

So talking about timelines, your timeframe, if you don’t have a particular timeframe, then I would suggest that probably a reasonable amount of time would be around a maximum of three months. So if you can treat it like a job, then you can actually break down each room of the house and allocate that to a certain week. You can start booking in charity pickups, for example, you can book in rubbish pickups, council clean ups and so on. 

Start with that map of the house, and then chunk it down room by room to suit you. That’s going to have all sorts of personal requirements in there. It’s going to need your availability or you may be helping a friend so you may be swapping hours. You may be looking at when the council is available, so you can roster in certain things around their time frames. You may need some assistance at certain times – you may need someone to help you pick things up, carry things around, strip things out whatever it might be. So there’s all sorts of influencing factors in your particular environment that will determine how long this project will last, and how quickly you will move through it. And which areas of the house get done at certain times.

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Part 2: The Declutter Challenge

Planning and Getting ‘Stuck In’ to Your Family Home Declutter

If you are feeling overwhelmed about the task ahead, you are not alone. Sorting through your things can stir up mixed emotions from the past and you may not feel ready to ‘let go’.

Rightsize Your Home Part 2: The Declutter Challenge helps future downsizers you learn how to move through the process in the right manner, so you can get the job done. You will be shown the way with clear, straight forward steps.

As you make progress, you will begin to notice how much better you feel. This is the ultimate motivator to keep you going!

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