LAUNCHING TODAY online downsizing training courses for seniors

LAUNCHING TODAY – Online Downsizing Courses for Seniors

We are launching our online downsizing courses for seniors today!

  • Are you an Empty Nester looking to downsize from the family home?
  • Do you need to declutter and don’t know where to begin?
  • Are you finding the thought of a downsize insurmountably and need some support to get started?
  • Are you a property professional with downsizing clients?

The Online Downsizing Courses for Seniors

These courses are designed as a 3-step comprehensive program focusing on improving your well-being by helping you with your mindset, a decluttering challenge, and presenting the family home for the market to maximize the downsizers’ efficiency and profit.

Fancy trialing a course for free?

Visit this link for a free trial this week of course: Rightsize Your Home Part 1: Shifting Your Mindset.

The answer lies in the industry-leading Rightsize Your Home Online Downsizing Courses – a comprehensive program that puts downsizers back in control of their downsizing journey.

The three-part program covers:

  1. Shifting Your Mindset – Understanding the right time, moving roadblocks, and how to be ready for your downsize
  2. The Declutter Challenge – Planning and getting ‘stuck in’ to your family home declutter!
  3. Adding Value to Your Family Home – How to profit with the best sale and price of your family home

These courses cover everything from your ‘Why’ to uncovering hidden profits in the family home, thereby maximizing its return on investment. Developed by Belinda Woolrych, a leading property makeover specialist and downsizing expert, her company based in Mona Vale, the Rightsize Your Home online training courses are built upon their long-standing, tried and tested framework; the Four Cornerstones: Plan, Organise, Style, and Move.

“I believe in getting clients on the market right the first time at their ‘right time’,” says Belinda Woolrych, Founder and author of Rightsize Your Home. “Because clients often find it easier to stay than go, but at the detriment of their wellbeing and they don’t get a second chance to make a first positive impression when selling their family home, it’s important that our Rightsizers feel great about their ‘Why’ and their property is showcased in its best light the first time. To get to that point, personal and pre-market work is needed. What better way to identify help the Rightsizer with their mindset and their immediate value-add opportunities to their home other than these thorough user-friendly, value-packed, insightful, engaging, and fun training programs?”

A milestone in its own right, the Rightsize Your Home Online Courses is industry-leading and one-of-its-kind in the downsizing market in the country. The courses are designed for both downsizers themselves and residential property professionals who look after downsizing clients and are looking to enhance their wellbeing. These are practical and yet insightful solutions and thought-starters to help overcome fear, assist with the practical requirements of a downsize, through to preparing a home for the market, and close a rewarding and efficient sale.

If you’d like to know more about how the courses on offer at to help you or a client get in control of the downsizing journey, you can call Belinda Woolrych, Founder of Rightsize Your Home at +61 1300 870 272.

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