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Why Would You Think About Rightsizing Now?

In this post, we’ve captured Jenny Simmonds and Belinda Woolrych discussing why you would think about Rightsizing right now.

The Market and Rightsizing

The market is always relative. Most people do need to, at some point, look at the family home to try and fund their future retirement or lifestyle needs even though you know the market can be a bit unpredictable at times. If you’re leaving the market and entering the market at the same point in time, it’s relative. So I can’t see any reason why, if you do need to do it and the timing is right for you. There will be no issue with doing the Rightsize now.

When is the Right Time to Rightsize?

This question often comes up and it’s something I talked about in my book too and, of course, Jenny you contributed to that book. For me, it is all about what is the right time, right now for that individual and we don’t want the Rightsizer to feel any pressures coming from outside of being concerned about the market because of that changeover cost – it is all relative. Definitely, the more important thing is to do it when it’s right for them. And of course a bit earlier, is always good, rather than leaving it too late. At least be ready to go, ready to push the button. It’s not right unless you know you’re ready to go so when you are ready to move a little bit further down the track, your house is ready, your photos are ready, you can just press ‘go’ at that later time. If for some reason, something disruptive happens to you, you can just push it down the track and still be ready. If you’ve got all your house ready, your finances in order, and you’re ready to go you might see that dream property come up, you won’t need to pass it by!

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