What Potential Downsizers Can Do in this Environment?

In this post, we?ll explain how to be in control and what to do in this environment.

I want to just dissect the meaning of control a little, there are two types of being in control for me. One is about the emotional side and the other is the logistical side.

I mentioned in my previous blog that because of the gift of time at home, we have plenty of it to be more productive. You can start doing all those things that could be on the list for getting into your rightsized home, but personally I would put the time aside to roster a big cull, declutter and organisation of home!

We?ve got the emotional side which is heavily impacted right now by the stresses of the current environment. But we’ve also got the logistical side which is about what is facing you at home and what items are around you in your family home. Here?s an excerpt from my book and this really seems quite pertinent at the time. My book, Rightsize Your Home, was released in 2014. We?ve actually very recently updated it, especially considering the current environment, but a lot of it still stays the same. So here’s just an excerpt from the start of the book.?

?There’s an assumption that when children reach adulthood, they will have their own lives and move out of the family home. Their parents will instinctively downsize and discard the positions they’ve accumulated over the years, sell the house, and move into? a smaller home that?s easier to maintain. Often, it does not appear that way because some people choose to live in their homes until the very end. Questions are – is downsizing the right decision for all and what are the options. Ultimately, your move isn’t about downsizing or upsizing, it’s what I call rightsizing. It’s about minimizing your stress levels and living in a property that suits your current needs. This could mean purchasing a smaller private property. It could mean living in an over 55 community, a retirement village, or even building a granny flat at your home.??

My book is specifically written to help navigate you through the rightsizing process. So please read on. Let me guide you. So what is it like being in this empty nest and how on earth did I get this point? Interesting question, and the book goes on.?

So, how did you get to this point? You could have been there for 10, 30, even 50, sometimes 50 plus years. Which means – there’s a lot to do, so think of this time as a gift for you to be productive at home. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to think about that rightsize life. If you can keep that in your mind, then it will naturally put you back in control. Don?t make the move timeframe just yet, but at least get back in control emotionally, and then we can work on the logistics. There are so many, many more webinars planned and you’ll see on our website, much more coming up regarding the emotional and logistical topics.?

I too am available for Rightsizing advisory services remotely in your home.

Today?s blog is a nugget from last week?s Right Size Your Home Online Workshop. Every Friday at 10:00am, join me as I take you through the ?Rightsize Your Home? framework to help and support you move through the process effectively and efficiently with a practical, step-by-step roadmap on how to overcome the fears and challenges of Rightsizing and plan to make the journey a fun, stress-free and profitable process..

This Online Workshop is full of tips and guidance on How to Get in Control of Your Downsize in the Current Environment.

With over a decade of experience as a Property Makeover and Change Specialist, I have spent many years helping transform homes and lives. My experience in helping those looking to Downsize has led me to write my first book – Rightsize Your Home – The Empty Nester?s Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize, available to download or in hardcover.

Let?s do something amazing. We transform property and change lives. How can we help you?

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