What Happens When Seniors Do Nothing About Rightsizing, Would That Happen To Me And My Family?

What happens if you do nothing about downsizing?? What would happen to you and your family? Unfortunately, I have seen some sad stories of people who have left it too late. I have worked quite frequently with specialist financial planners, who ask me to help get some properties ready quickly where things have been left too long. I’ve also had clients in their 80s and 90s, who I feel quite sad for as they have missed out on such a more enjoyable retirement, because if they hadn’t released the family home earlier on? They wouldn’t have felt so trapped in their home in their much later decades. My crusade was writing my book: Rightsize Your Home: The Empty Nester’s Guide To A Stress-Free Downsize, to try and get that community message out about making sure you get so much more out of retirement by giving you confidence and the how-to to consider releasing the stress and the burden of a family home. And as I said before, if you have a property that is not serving the purpose that you bought it for, then it would be terrific to find one that does!? That way you can actually enjoy it and your home can serve a better purpose for you.

I’ve experienced too many sad stories – I’ve talked about a couple in the book. I’ve also talked about most importantly, in the last chapter of my book, some good stories around people who our clients always seem to say, that they wish they’d have done it sooner. It’s a very, very popular comment after the Rightsize has been done. There are plenty of holidays that have been missed out on and too much time is taken up in upkeeping the home and all the worries and stresses that go with it.

All of those stresses of general maintenance around the property, big gardens, big pools, and painting, keep my clients up at night before they read my book worrying about all sorts of things. If you can put that time and energy into yourself and Rightsizing, for me, that is a much better way of spending your retirement. The last thing you want to do is to make sure you’re not downsizing under pressure. We have seen some crisis situations and they were all under pressure. It’s such a shame, I find it very sad when I’m caring for all these items in someone’s home, in their late decades, with them having to leave and not come back. I wish they had Rightsized when it was Right and they had the means to do it themselves.

Wouldn’t it be better to put some money for ongoing maintenance and cost into the grandchildren or what about helping the kids? I think that’s a terrific idea instead of putting costs into the footprint of a property that is too big for you! It would be far better to put it towards a holiday with the kids or giving them a helping hand, most definitely.

Something that I’d like to put to you (and I generally get a yes when I’m doing my public speaking on this one) is. What about your friends?? Do you have some senior friends? There’s probably someone you would know who does actually need a Rightsize. There’s someone I think you know who is from that demographic. They’re probably in a property that you believe is too big for them. And you probably are a little bit worried about them.? Dare I say that is true?? Someone has popped into your mind as you read this.

I know that my mum was on a property that was too big for her and I used to worry about her when she would be out walking her dogs, no mobile phone with her, etc. it would concern me each day. You’re probably worried about someone with a situation similar or a risk point you’re worried about in their day-to-day living in their larger home. It’s quite possible that someone may be thinking the same about you too! And it’s quite possible you may be stressing your children out.

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With over a decade of experience as a Property Makeover and Change Specialist, I have spent many years helping transform homes and lives. My experience in helping those looking to Downsize has led me to write my first book – Rightsize Your Home – The Empty Nester’s Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize, available to download or in hardcover.

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