What does the Current Environmental Change Mean for Potential Downsizers?

In this post, we?ll explain why it is important to know what?s happening in the current environment and how we can cope with it and be more in control of our current situation.

Isn’t it an unusual time? Control seems to have been whipped away from us, most definitely. So everything was familiar and you were able to control how you feel and the environment was very familiar to you. We are all now in a completely different place and experiencing a completely new way of living.

It’s about getting familiar with it, working with it and rolling with it. That’s really all we can do. The environmental issues are forcing some new changes in our lives. I know for me, on a positive note, I’m exercising a lot more, just getting out and seeing my local area and loving walking.

I know that I can’t travel like I used to and I?m sure this is the same for you, we’re spending a lot more time in our homes. We’re also probably doing things we haven’t done before, like for example, being on my webinars!

There are some incredible changes within the surrounding industry in real estate. Now , I would like to ask you this question, what is really important to us? Do we need all these things that we have? And have we reset our views? How do we feel about spending all this time at home??

So how do I get in control? We’ve had major changes in the environment around us. We have come from a very controlled situation, potentially, where we were very familiar with everything. But now, how do we get back in control??

So there’s no doubt that this pandemic startled us, and slowed us down. Things were happening at such an incredible rate we really just kept having these changes, bombarded into our lives, daily, sometimes hourly.??

Now I’m sure you’re the same as me but waking up and listening to the news about what has changed here and all over the world has been a daily ritual. And then staying in touch, listening to the Prime Minister. Life has been slowing we?re? fixating on the screen to see what’s changing in our lives and what?s trending in the newspapers. Shops you?re familiar with have changed. Definitely, everything has slowed us down as we relearn our rituals.

So what we need to do is to ensure that we navigate this and stick to putting ourselves in the centre of process. Getting back in control, means getting back to knowing what’s happening around you, and putting yourself at the centre of your life, and at the same time, navigating all of these new changes. I don?t feel that we need to change our goals and our vision of our lives for the rightsize to retirement. It really shouldn’t change how you feel about life and get yourself back in the centre of the Rightsize process by taking the reins of how this new way of living is, and working with it. It’s absolutely critical to me and it’s the major, major message in my book. Getting in control is about making sure you get what you want out of life.?

I’ve met too many people in retirement in their big family home who have let others control and their environment control them, but things got too hard, which meant that they got stuck in their family home for way too long.? We just don’t want to see that sort of situation happen to you. And certainly the current environment shouldn’t dictate that to you.?

Interestingly, we’ve all been gifted some more time at home. So, I think it might be a perfect time to actually use that time in a productive, efficient and effective manner for you. Here we are at the house for a lot longer than we normally are, why not think about using this time, and using this time productively and doing all those things that could be on the list for getting into your rightsized home?? I recommend, put the time aside, and schedule in the cull and declutter!

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