What are typical problems seen in a downsizers garden before sale?

In this post, Bevan Pulley of The Professional Landscapers and Belinda discuss the typical problems Bevan sees in the gardens.

The most common thing you see is probably garden neglect, e.g. not being mulched, not being fertilised, plant health is generally quite poor, plants in the wrong spaces, i.e grass in the shady spots that are just never going to perform. The biggest one is probably the weeding, the mulching and the must haves of gardening.? If you want to have a nice garden, you’ve got to look after it. ? I would say, probably two and ten gardens we go to would be mulched and fertilised. People are just time poor and generally gardens don’t get well looked after, or they don’t have a gardening company employed in most of our most of our presale gardening jobs.

Thoughts on Trees

Trees obviously play a big part in gardens, as features. Generally, again, people don’t maintain them and they continue to invade too much space – overhanging gutters, overhanging paths, blocking out light.? Sometimes it’s as simple as uplifting a tree to create light through to the garden rather than having trees for example; overhanging sitting areas, as it does sometimes on pathways and entrances. People generally forget about tree maintenance and pruning, also, tidying up palms is a big one i.e. you see a lot of palm trees and just uplifting them, having them clean and tidy and removing all the seed pods. It presents so much cleaner – especially around a pool!

Unmaintained trees tend to dominate the garden landscape and you lose grass, you also lose sight lines. It becomes harder for plants to survive and grow and thrive when they’ve been dominated by tree canopies.

If you have a cluster of palms, you can send them out, remove a lot of them and make them a feature rather than just an overgrown, somewhat, eyesore in the garden.

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