What are the Normal Downsizers Challenges?

In this post, I?ll explain the different challenges of Downsizers – could they be yours too?

We’ve been through the thoughts and feelings and also the profile of a typical client. Now what about the actual challenges that they?re faced with?? Here?s some popular feedback from past clients.? These points often come up in many of our speaking events too. Feel free to share anything in the comment section that you find is a challenge because I would pretty much say you’re not alone and it is always good to help others.??

Do you find it a challenge to get people to turn up to fix things at home?? That could be some maintenance at home, it could be some help you need around the house. Do you find service (what service!) providers don’t turn up and you can’t find the actual people to do the things that you want done as well??

Another popular challenge is finding someone to trust. So often, if we need something done, we’re not well connected. You might be looking online or looking for someone or a friend of a friend of a friend has been recommended and you are ?unsure? about having them in your home, how much they will charge and so on and so on. ? If you feel a little bit resentful of you doing all the work or don?t know how or just simply haven?t got the energy, then maybe you need help. You may be feeling that the house is big and then over time, it’s becoming quite painful for you. It’s stressful, you’re finding a lack of energy to do it. I especially hear from readers that the garden is too much – constantly getting on your knees and constantly pulling out those green bins. The bins and the garden are too big, but they never seem to have enough room left in them. So, then leading to lack of energy and also resenting the amount of work that’s involved in the home.?

Finding the house is too big and hard to maintain could mean the challenge of not going into rooms and possibly not knowing what is in them!. The children could have left all their stuff behind. (That’s an interesting one that always comes up and always gets a bit of a giggle at my events).

The cost of outsourcing also is a challenge – all the time. There may have been a point where the kids were old enough when they’re all at home. Everyone was chipping in to do things, but now it seems to be all outsourced or just simply on your shoulders.?

As I touched on before, it means a lack of time and a lack of freedom for you.? There seems to be so much time going into the property that you would way rather spend it like seeing people, seeing friends, playing bridge, whatever it might be, seeing the kids, playing with the grandchildren.

Another common challenge is that kids won’t go or?… you don’t want them to go?? That’s also touched on in my? book as well. There could possibly be a codependency happening at home, but it may not be appropriate long-term. Or children have gone and they’ve left their stuff behind (and do they keep coming back? Or not at all?).

Other challenges can be that you don’t know what to do with all the stuff that’s in those possibly unused rooms and how you could possibly approach the downsize because you don’t know how to go about it. This is a huge challenge for family homeowners. I had a client who had two sets of furniture from in-laws as well as her parents that she inherited, and the children had gone and she needed to Rightsize. So what to do with all that stuff? There was plenty to deal with. It?s very common to have that.

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