What are Great WOW Factors All Garden Owners Can Do?

In this post, Bevan Pulley of The Professional Landscapers and Belinda discuss great WOW factors all garden owners can do.

WOW factors can even be simple things like pressure cleaning and clearing back paths. Your pathways get a lot of traffic, they get a lot of runoff, dirtiness from plants, leaving them cluttered – so clear them out at least two or three times a year. It?s a simple cost effective way. You can purchase pressure cleaners from Bunnings for under $100. That will help keep the presentation and the well cared for looks. This gives the impression your place is looked after, someone cares about the interests of the property – it’s a simple cost effective measure straightaway.

If you don?t want to operate or buy one of those, we have three or four of them within our fleet that we take out to properties on a regular basis. It?s probably one of the last things we do before a presale because it makes a big impact especially at inspection time. It certainly finishes everything off beautifully. If you bring out the pressure cleaner two or three times a year, it makes a big difference to the cleanness of the path and also longevity, to the paving grout – always make sure that?s all clean and tidy.?

How to Create a Beautiful Garden

I always try to get a feature tree in the garden somewhere. I love magnolias for example.? When they’re in flower they look fantastic so try something like that to give some sort of ?Wow, look at me?!.? Your feature plant or tree doesn’t always have to be a fancy pot or a big, big tree. It can be three smaller pots and three smaller trees for example, just to give a real wow effect. ? These can be used to create a WOW on entry or to create a focus spot in your garden, because it gives the garden a bit more of identity, a bit more ?going on? or intrigue than just a square box hedge for example.?

I just think people always underestimate the value of what landscaping can add to properties. I think for even a small expense you can create big wow factors, especially for example; entrances and focal points around the garden, off terraces, looking back down towards the back of a block, trying to break line of sight and for example a pool area.

For our demographic or potential downsizers, they are often holding more plants than wanted in the garden.? However, downsizers gardens need to be more? appealing to young families.? Grass is king for young families, as they have younger children – they also like low maintenance and outdoor alfresco for example. It?s a real balance, we want to show off the size of a block. Your target market doesn?t want bigger, deeper garden beds, they also want a fair bit of grass. When you are selling your property, get an expert to make the garden attractive and balanced to your target. Sell the dream, don?t sell a maintenance nightmare!!

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