The Upside of Downsizing from the Family Home

YES, there are many upsides – check out my top 5 list!

Are you contemplating a downsized life right now in your senior years, or upcoming senior years?  Freeing yourself of the family home, enjoying more freedoms?  Are you doubting this very title – ‘Upsides to a Downsize’.  Two words that just don’t belong in a sentence together! 

Are you sitting in a family home and wishing that this impending project would just magically get done.  Are you denying the need to downsize and saying “they can take me out of here in a box“!  I’ve heard that all so often!

I can assure you through many downsizing projects I have managed, there is a huge upside list, waiting for every downsizer, that is bigger than you think! It is very important to understand these upsides, as sometimes the understanding of these for you and your loved ones can help remove the barriers to downsizing.

Downsizing Upside 1 – Less to Maintain

Think about the size and scale of your current family home and its maintenance requirements.  Often a newer, and, or smaller place will cut that ongoing maintenance list to shreds.  Imagine that!  The money and the effort that goes into the maintenance would disappear.  If you contemplate over 55’s or retirement living too, the maintenance list can disappear entirely as someone else will do it for you as part of your payment plan.

Downsizing Upside 2 – Closer to Family and Friends

You may (or may not depending on how you design it!) want to be closer to your contacts.  Imagine that!  Be there on the spot – no more missing out on events!   I’ve often had clients who’ve become isolated in the suburbs and are less and less inclined to take the car out to do things, so naturally, disconnect.  This can reverse that issue and the benefits of re-connection are immense.

upside of downsizing
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Downsizing Upside 3 – Lock up and Leave

Imagine, a less ‘chained to the property’ life!  You will often find your cash is freed up and your time is freed up.  Combine those two exciting opportunities and the world is your oyster!

Downsizing Upside 4 – Surround Yourself with Your Most Loved Items

Decluttering, once it’s done will surprise and delight you.  If you can spend the time doing that part of the bargain see the steps here:

You will be amazed about how much more enjoyable being only surrounded by your most important things are.  You will release the stress on your shoulders about having too much ‘stuff’ around and not knowing how to solve it.

Downsizing Upside 5 – Be Closer to Services

Your needs change as you mature.  You move from needing to be near schools, playgrounds, university whatever it may be.  You then need to be near transport, airport, shops, medical.  Again, the relocation can make you more connected with more efficient ways of getting what you want and to where you need to be.

Wrap Up

Are you now motivated to start downsizing but still feeling unsure as to when you will start? My book contains all the information you need to get started. You can get a copy of my book here – Rightsize Your Home: The Empty Nester’s Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize.


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