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Top Tips for Finding the Rightsize Home of your Dreams

In this post, Rich Harvey, CEO of Propertybuyer, and Belinda discuss the top tips for finding the Rightsize Home of your dreams.

Think Outside The Box

Belinda: Now to me, that means thinking about if you’ve got an eye on a particular suburb, don’t discount next door. Or if you’ve got a traditional view on how to buy real estate, research on what a buyer’s agent can do and get some help, especially if you don’t do this every week, several times like you do. How about you for thinking outside the box Rich?

Rich: I think it can also mean thinking differently about the type of home, a house to a townhouse? think about moving to a duplex, or move to a much smaller house on a block of land that might have been subdivided or live in an apartment, there are some really great large apartments out there. There are apartments that are 150-200 internal square, and wonderful views, very solid walls, and very soundproof. And you’ve got your own community around you. So I guess some people have a bit of a bias as to what style of property is going to suit them. I would say, get out there and have a look. Ask us as many questions as you can, and don’t always believe what the agent says. Now the agents are generally pretty good, but test and measure what you’re hearing and get an independent expert. That’s not a vested interest in what they’re advising regarding a particular property. Think about the suburbs, think about the location a little bit outside the box.

Belinda: There’s a buyer’s wishlist in my book that you gave to us, Rich. That’s definitely something when you’re getting stuck into the Rightsize Your Home book, you should fill out. And I always ask my clients to put aside location at this point, explore what you actually need around you? Is it one bedroom? Is it two? Is it three? Do you need a northeast aspect? Shops, train? Know your requirements for a property and let someone look after finding it.

No Time Like The Present

Belinda: I think that applies every day of the week, any year because it’s actually for me, it’s all about what the downsizers want for themselves. Your thoughts on that one Rich?

Rich: Yes, we always put off tomorrow what we can’t do today. But I always think, we’re not going to live forever. It’s a chance to have a new chapter in life. Have a dishwasher that opens properly in a cupboard that doesn’t fall off when you open the hinges, like the chance to start fresh and why not, you guys deserve it. You’ve lived well and it’s a chance to start afresh and enjoy some things that you might have been putting up with your life. A change is as good as a holiday, so I think don’t delay it.

Belinda: Absolutely! Always present your property well. Make sure that you take advantage of it if you’re going to put your property on the market to actually make sure you give your property its best shot, make sure you earn a great changeover price that we’ve been discussing. That’s the all-important thing. So whatever happens in the market, if you present well you can maximize what you’re getting out of your property. You’ll do well.

Rich: We generally have about seven seconds to make a good impression. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or whether a buyer is coming to look at your property. You’ve got seven seconds to make a good impression and it’s that emotional impression that you make on the buyer will have a huge impact. I mean Belinda, that’s your specialty. And I’ve seen the work you do, and it’s fantastic. So I recommend that your clients really take advantage of that service and present and style the property to create that emotional attachment.


Rich: It’s important to not just take people at their word, but just you can research people online, look at their credentials. In my industry, look at the length of time that the buyer’s agents have been operating. You know, we’ve been going 20 years and we’ve won 134 awards for excellence. Ask the hard questions; How are they getting paid? What’s the incentive and just make sure they’ve got your best interests at heart. You know that we have a thing called a fiduciary duty. It’s a big word, but fiduciary duty means that you put the client first and that’s my mantra, and that’s how I’ve succeeded in business for 20 years and you do the same.

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