rightsize and financial freedom

Top Tips For Doing Your Rightsize And Financial Freedom

In this post, Jenny Simmonds and Belinda Woolrych discuss the top tips for doing your Rightsize and creating financial freedom.


  1. Choose a financial planner well. Don’t do anything without one if you want to achieve financial freedom.
  2. I think it’s important to choose the right one that’s in the downsizing niche and not to try and make these huge financial steps by yourself.
  3. See a financial planner EARLY, in particular implications on pension, gifting, asset protection in general.
  4. I think the earlier, the better. So just planning early and not leaving it too late in the process is a good idea and I think a lot of people put it off.
  5. Understand the arrangements and contracts of when and where you are going.
  6. This is particularly important when we’re considering villages so the contracts out there vary quite considerably.
  7. Give the property its best chance to present well, to set you up for a profitable move.

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