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Learning to Downsize – Your Timeframe When Decluttering

Your timeframe when decluttering is an important step to a successful decluttering. 

Now you’ve made the decision to declutter. It’s time to start thinking about your timeframe.

What is my timeframe and when do I start the declutter?

Pick a line in the sand as your goal, and work backwards!

If you decided your goal is to downsize and have Christmas in your new home, then work backwards from that and set the time aside.  Give yourself enough time to do the job via your timeframe. 

If you have no milestone, just pick about three months and make a milestone. Three months is actually not a long amount of time and it will actually put you under a fair bit of pressure to get your downsize done in the span of time. However, if it is too much pressure for you, then make it longer! That’s absolutely fine as long as you’ve made the downsizing decision. 

As mentioned in my previous blog, think about this declutter timeframe as a part-time job. Think of it as your downsize is in fact, your paid work. Here’s a more concrete example: if you think about this as your job, you will need to turn up twice a week at your workplace – which is your place!

Here’s a secret

You could pay yourself but you’ll likely be paid ten-fold. Once you sell the property or when you lease it out, you certainly will reap the rewards, financially and emotionally.  I strongly suggest however, your milestone and your ‘shifts’ go on your calendar now!

Your Partners in Decluttering

The other part of setting time aside is actually communicating that with people and asking for support. So who are your support networks? They may be close family or friends. It may also be third parties as well. 

It does take a while to get through but the bottom line is you need to communicate with those people. 

“This is my timeline”

“Here is where I will need your support”

I really don’t want you to try and do this alone. If you’ve chosen to get help from professionals, that’s great! Or if it’s a family member, again, that’s great! As long as you’ve got someone and some help at hand, do roster them in.  Make sure they understand your priorities and are genuinely interested in supporting you through this downsizing and decluttering process.

If you have any questions about decluttering, please feel free to send us a message here. We’ve been guiding a lot of empty nesters in their declutter challenge. We can certainly help you.

We have a Decluttering Handy Checklist and a Declutter Challenge Calendar which you can download for free when you register in our courses area. You’ll find it in Part 2: The Declutter Challenge course as free resources. 

If you love it, which we think you will – stay on and do the downsizing courses!

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Part 2: The Declutter Challenge

Planning and Getting ‘Stuck In’ to Your Family Home Declutter

If you are feeling overwhelmed about the task ahead, you are not alone. Sorting through your things can stir up mixed emotions from the past and you may not feel ready to ‘let go’.

Rightsize Your Home Part 2: The Declutter Challenge helps future downsizers you learn how to move through the process in the right manner, so you can get the job done. You will be shown the way with clear, straight forward steps.

As you make progress, you will begin to notice how much better you feel. This is the ultimate motivator to keep you going!

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