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Things to do before you downsize your home

What are the things to do before you downsize your home? The key word here is before!

Essentially, the single most important thing to do before you downsize your home is to ensure you are thinking clear thoughts.  Clarity about how you feel about your downsize, brings the flow that you need to do the best job you can of it.

Interesting, to really define this correctly – what exactly is a downsize made up of?  Is that the actual move and all the logistical parts about that?  Or, is the downsize all of the process including the thinking and the many many months – sometimes years – of preparation that goes into the downsize as well!

For the sake of this definition, I’m going to classify the act of a downsize of it as somewhere in the middle.  Therefore, the number one thing to do is firstly – get your ‘mind over the matter’.  

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Shifting your mindset is the number one overwhelming deciding factor as to whether a downsize will be successful or not.  If you can successfully shift your mindset into the process of a downsize, then the downsize will flow.  It is the single most important ‘thing to do’.

Isn’t ‘shifting your mindset’ and welcoming the change what we all want; us, the kids, the family and friends?  The ‘flow’ of doing the downsize is absolutely reliant on this shift of mindset.  

I believe it is the single most important factor to downsizing success.  There are many things that are involved in shifting your mindset and getting right into the flow.  Shifting your mindset has 3 main categories:

  1. Finding the right time to downsize
  2. Identifying and shifting roadblocks and
  3. Moving through any self limiting beliefs.

You can learn how to shift your mindset and set yourself up for success by working through my book and program here.  I hope you love it and by working through this, we have another happier empty-nester on enjoying more freedom.


Shifting Your Mindset

Understanding The RIGHT TIME, Moving Roadblocks, And How To Be READY For Your DOWNSIZE

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