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Thinking positively is how we ought to live our lives! We want to have enjoyed our past and let the present work its wonders on our next road. Amongst Empty Nesters, the eternal question about the next road to take remains the same: what do I get if I rightsize to a different home? In this game of emotional dilemma, let Rightsize Your Home help you open the gifts that rightsizing brings.

The Gift of a New Beginning

We live by writing our own stories and we share our tales. One such story is buying or building our home or raising our family. What follows is another chapter when we set our children free so they can start their own lives. The halls become emptier, and the house certainly becomes a lot quieter! We become Empty Nesters, but we are given the gift to start anew: to rightsize.

The Gift of Choice

What comes with new beginning is the gift of choice. Such gifts are wrapped with the idea of you moving to another home that fits your needs and enhances your current lifestyle. When you become one of these fortunate Empty Nesters and you decide to rightsize to a new home, you allow yourself to create another chapter of your life ? a chapter with a fulfilling and a touching lifestyle.

The Gift of Life

We say that life begins at 60, but believe that it begins at 50 (this must be true as I believe that 40+ is the new 30+)! We say that the golden years is a time when we pursue communal things. Believe that it?s also a period when we pursue personal interests. But that isn?t possible if we?re bound by the past. As Empty Nesters, we encounter memories in every room of our home. When we choose to rightsize, we may let go of some of our things but the memories remain with us. We also bring our really treasured items with us so our new home can feel more loved!

The Gift of Fulfillment

As Empty Nesters, we feel that rightsizing is a time for our own story to come full circle. What?s next for us is to consider living a life devoid of worry and isolation. When we decide to rightsize to a new home, we free ourselves from thinking about maintenance, costs, and even possibly, loneliness! We welcome the gift of fulfillment because it?s just the right place for us.

The Gift of Enjoyment

Enjoyment is another gift that rightsizing offers. As Empty Nesters, we finally get the chance to invest in ourselves again. We can travel and socialize without worrying about our big home, and we can move around with ease because everything we have is within reach. No, what we experience when we rightsize to a new home may not be something luxurious. Instead, it is something immensely fulfilling.

The Gift of a Helping Hand

You do not have to go through the dilemma and the process of rightsizing alone. Rightsizing offers one final gift to you: a helping hand. For years, Rightsize Your Home has been pioneering the transition of Empty Nesters to their new home. As you rightsize to a new home, we will guide you.

To help you make a decision, I wrote the book called ?Rightsize Your Home ? The Empty Nester?s Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize? to be your companion. For only $24.95, you?ll get access to the secrets of rightsizing for a better life! For your inquiries, you may email us at or get in touch with us by calling (02) 9986 0524.

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