Stay Calm and Motivated for Your Rightsize

5 of the Best Techniques to Stay Calm and Motivated for your Rightsize

How do you stay calm and motivated for your RIGHTSIZE?

With over a decade of experience as a Property Makeover and Change Specialist, Belinda has spent many years helping transform homes and lives. You will find all aspects of Downsizing covered by Belinda in this workshop, “5 of the Best Techniques to Stay Calm and Motivated for your Rightsize” including Q&A asked by seniors in a friendly, relaxed environment, your home! This online workshop is FREE.

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Remember your “Why”

Why have you decided to Rightsize? And why is this one of the best techniques? Over my years of expertise working with downsizers, something that really helps anchor and gets us back on track during what can be sometimes stressful is remembering your ‘Why’? That’s listening to your inner self and working out, finally, what to do with this. In thinking about getting back in control and keeping these techniques, I want you to always remember your ‘Why’.

Know the Impacts of Change

This is actually about a bit of learning. This is about understanding the impact of change. What it does to you, if you can understand this cycle of change, it will actually help you to step back and out of the emotional complexities that happen, and look at it from above and see what to your thoughts, in your body and your reaction.

Create your Bucket List and Know your Blockers

Knowing your bucket list is pretty fun. Yours could be taking a holiday or spend time with your grandchildren. So have you taken a  moment to draft up your bucket list? 

Knowing your blockers – what’s stopping you? Is it a person? Is it a thing? Or, is it the process of Rightsizing? 

Breathe and Exercise

Give yourself something to do outside to take your mind off into and stay active through this process. There are different techniques for breathing, you can always look into meditation.

Be in Control with your Team of Experts

So you’ve got people who can really help in this they know what to do. They are excellent and well practiced at what they do.

Free Resource

How to Stay Calm and Motivated for your Rightsize

We understand that Rightsizing can be stressful. That’s why we have created this printable guide on how you can stay calm and feel motivated when Rightsizing. Stick this on your refrigerator or anywhere you can see it so you can be reminded of what you can do when you feel overwhelmed.

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