senior-friendly guide to downsizing

Senior-Friendly Guide to Downsizing

Why I created a senior-friendly guide to downsizing

I am forever grateful for the training and insight I have gained over the period of meeting so many incredible seniors and nearly seniors facing the challenges of a property downsize.

I have learned so much from every single one of you!  Thank you all of you for the experiences I have gained.  Because of you all, I hope I’ve done you proud and have been able to pay it forward to all the readers of my book Rightsize Your Home, the Empty Nesters Guide to a Stress-free Downsize, and now the participants of my training courses 1 2 and 3 at

I was told to keep the information on downsizing; brief, to the point, user-friendly and most of all – “Please don’t treat me as if I know nothing”, “Be highly empathetic to all my experiences and my worldly possessions and my experiences in my life”!  Well, this is the brief and I hope I’ve delivered!

My book and online courses include 9 tried and tested resources:

  1. To-do lists
  2. Downsizing guides
  3. Example floor plan (dreamed up of your new place)
  4. Decluttering hours chart
  5. Styling hours allocation chart
  6. Custom inspection checklists
  7. Moving checklist
  8. A pre-market preparation calendar template
  9. Case studies of empty nesters who embraced change and are now enjoying the ‘Rightsize’ lifestyle

These are the top 9 downsizing tips that have come out of my downsizing clients.  It is practical and user friendly.  I hope you love the guide as much as I have loved writing it.

The cherry on top, we are donating $1 from every Rightsize Your Home Book download, and $5 for every Rightsize Your Home Course download, so thank you for paying it forward to Lifeline.  You can discover the book here , and if you want to know more, the courses here...

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