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I’ve been keeping an eye out on real estate and there is nowhere to go?

Learn real estate tips from Rich Harvey, CEO of Propertybuyer and Belinda as they discuss how to find properties you’ve been looking for.

Real estate tip: Where to find your dream home

Belinda: This is probably my favorite question for you Rich, I hear it at every event I speak at. I know you can answer this, because if it’s not on and, you know where it is Rich?

Rich: So and for me are the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole hidden property market that people don’t know about out there. It’s an off market property. Well, the definition of an off market property is it’s not advertised to the general public, so you won’t know about it, you won’t know it’s for sale unless you have the right connections or the right network to find that.

Buyers Agent Database

Now, the way in which my team and I find properties off market is two ways: One is, we have a very, very extensive agent database. We have over 4,000 agents we regularly update and we can email them your property brief to find an offer or market opportunity.

Off Market Properties

The other way is we get people approaching us directly looking to sell their home. Now we don’t take a fee for selling, but we could possibly match a property up with a buyer on our list and can save a sales commission for you. So that’s another way that we can help you. But finding those off market properties is so good because you’re not in competition with a lot of other buyers. It gives you a little bit more time and it just opens up the door to a world of opportunity that you never thought you had.

An example is, Matt in my team, took out a client last Saturday, he had eight properties to show them, three of them are off market. That’s a very high proportion we can find in that sort of space. That’s a great tactic you can use and tap into that network around our buyers agents.

Belinda: And this is the exciting part about it because this demographic really doesn’t particularly want to go and attend auctions and trawl through the internet then go out and see places and meet real estate agents.

So you know the properties, you know what they’re worth, you got great connections and you can find them before other people do. This is where the hidden value in Buyers Agents is, that I think that our demographic doesn’t know enough about. It makes so much sense for a downsizer to enlist a buyer’s agent. Hence why you wrote in my book Rich, because I believe in the service.

Rightsize Your Home Podcast

Today’s blog is a nugget from last weeks Right Size Your Home Online Workshop:  I Want to Rightsize, But How and When Do I Find My New Home?

With over a decade of experience as a Property Makeover and Change Specialist, I have spent many years helping transform homes and lives. My experience in helping those looking to Downsize has led me to write my first book – Rightsize Your Home – The Empty Nester’s Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize, available to download or in hardcover.

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