Practical Rightsizing Guide

Practical Rightsizing Guide

I’m rightsizing to a new home. What things should I take and what should I let go??

That’s the question we grapple with when we decide to rightsize to a new home. After living a number of years in the same home, we surely have accumulated a lot of stuff. Now that the time to rightsize has come, we find it difficult to determine which stuff to keep and which ones to let go. Here are some practical rightsizing guide to help you make a decision.

Understand the reason for purging

When you purge your things before you transition into your rightsized home, you are practically de-cluttering. If your old home is de-cluttered, it becomes more marketable. You’ll also get extra cash when you sell stuff, and you’re giving back to your community when you donate.

Envision your own rightsize lifestyle

The Rightsize Lifestyle, as popularised by Belinda Woolrych, involves identifying the things that fits into your new home considering the way you want to live. You’ll achieve the lifestyle you want if the things you keep will act in support of your needs.

Know your options

The rule of thumb for purging is, if you haven’t used something in a year or so, get rid of it. Observe how you often use those favourite clothes of yours; the same applies to deciding which furniture to bring with you. So take a look at your stuff and see which ones you have rarely used. Put them aside and sell or donate them.

Identify your needs

You can fully understand what you need if you’re familiar with the areas of your new home. How big are the rooms? What features are already there? Which furniture perfectly fits into specific parts of your new home? If you have a fair idea about which part goes where, then you can identify the things that you need.

Create a List

The list should itemise the things that you value the most. Set these things aside so you can account for all of them during the move. By knowing the things that you cherish the most, you’ll realise those that you can get rid off before the move takes place. That translates to a lighter home transition for you.

Consider your new home’s theme

If something doesn’t fit in the theme of your new home, it probably is best to leave it behind. Since rightsizing aims to support your new lifestyle, it’s important that everything you take with you helps you transition smoothly. That also means additional space to make your new home the perfect home.

See? The rightsizing process is not simply about sorting, selling, donating, and packing. It’s also about transitioning to a new home without getting stuck in the past because of the things you can’t let go. Your rightsized life is your new life; so enjoy it by having familiar and cherished things around you, while never forgetting that there’s room for new memories to be created.


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