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Part 2: Top Retirement Mistakes When Downsizing

Over my years of helping downsizers, I have come up with part 2 to my 6 top retirement mistakes when downsizing!

Retirement Mistake 4: Not thinking through the buyers wish list

In order to make the right decision about where you want to downsize to, you need to create your buyers wish list.  It is important that you know what is important to YOU.  YOU need to be at the centre of this process.  That might be just you, or it might be you and a loved one or partner.  Take some time out to dig around your thoughts and collaborate on this together if there are two of you.  If it is just you, then what is in your heart’s desire? You can find out more about the buyers wish list when you buy the eBook

Retirement Mistake 5: Not finding out facts

Too often I hear that downsizers have listened just to ‘chat’ about different places to downsize to and not gone out to find out the facts.  Once you have completed step 4, then you need to marry it by looking out and about yourself and completing your pro’s and con’s list for every place.  If you are considering some villages, don’t just chat to the sales people, ask to speak to some residents.  In my experience, they are always really happy to whip you off for a coffee if you want some personal Q&A time, or chat to some locals at the local group of shops.

Retirement Mistake 6: Lastly, if you want to maximise your family home sale price… Do NOT miss this!

Take the time and invest in your asset, to get the return you deserve!  Making tweaks and changes can open your target market to more potential purchasers.  If you want to increase competition for your property, that is the key to it.  If you’re happy to put some time and effort in, and reap the rewards. Look no further, but learn from here.

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