retirement mistakes when downsizing in retirement

Part 1: Top Mistakes When Downsizing in Retirement

Over my years of helping downsizers, I have come up with part 1 to my 6 top mistakes when downsizing in retirement!

Mistake 1: Avoiding the thought of it!

I have seen too many people who took too long to come around to that point of doing the downsize because they avoided thinking about it.  It is important to remember that you want to be the one in charge when you downsize, and not be stuck in a crisis situation having someone else make the decisions for you.  Of course I’m not saying you will be in a crisis, but putting more years into having more fun and enjoying the freedom of not having a family home, is something to strive for!  In fact, that is the reason I wrote my book in the first place “Rightsize Your Home, The Empty Nesters Guide to a Stress Free Downsizeand then proceeded to make the online courses.  So much so that the first course is called “Shifting Your Mindset”, because it starts in the mind!

Mistake 2: Not seeking financial advice!

Knowing what you can afford and when is fundamental to a smooth transition.  You never set off on a plane trip without having the map and the flight plan, correct?  Knowing what your property is worth and what you want to buy (don’t worry too much about the exact suburb or town yet) is critical to the success of your process.  I have done a couple of podcasts “How can I Afford to Downsize?” and “I Want to Rightsize, But How and When Do I Find My New Home?” for you to listen to all about it!

Mistake 3: Not communicating with each other

This communication point number three here, can double the pain if you combine it with my point number one!  Sometimes, one part of a couple thinks about the downsize a lot, but won’t’ talk to their other half.  Sometimes, the other half can be avoiding the thought of it!  Sometimes, couples can avoid the thought of it and not talk to each other – catastrophe!  My recommendation is to ensure you verbalise your thoughts (positively) about it to the people close to you and even discuss probable dates.  That way, you can start making plans, even if you have to tweak them.  Once you are communicating, the process will flow.  

Stay tuned for the second part of this blog where I talk about the support team, rostering and much more!

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