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Learning to Downsize – Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

If you are learning to downsize, you will be faced with an important question: should I stay or should I go?

Change always bring about mixed emotions and one of them could be guilt. 

Stop feeling guilty for leaving your home and get yourself right for a better life! Have you considered a reduction at some point? Your house, which you bought when your child was younger or not yet born, no longer fits the purpose you bought it for. This is the right time to start learning to downsize. 

If you have been holding off selling and waiting for the property market to improve, the most recent news may be encouraging.

Word on the street is that things are looking up and there has already been an improvement in the property market with homes selling and auction clearance rates rising. This may be happening for a few of the following reasons:

  1. The market has gotten used to the current environment, and the fear about negative impacts may have caused buyers to hold back.
  2. The job market and businesses are beginning to steady in the economy.
  3. The interest rates are now at record lows

You may have a bit of work to do to prepare for sale, however, remembering to create a schedule and take small steps every day, will see you move through the process in the right manner. The idea is to keep stress levels at a minimum and ask for support!  Learn more about downsizing here.


Shifting Your Mindset – Understanding The RIGHT TIME, Moving Roadblocks, And How To Be READY For Your DOWNSIZE.

Online Courses for Empty Nesters

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Rightsize Your Home Online Course Part 1: Shifting Your Mindset will help you understand where you are currently at and help you move through any overwhelming thoughts that may be stopping you from moving forward. You will also begin to plan and feel more excited about your next chapter!

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