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Learning to Downsize – Roster and Rewards When Decluttering

This blog “Learning to Downsize – Roster and Rewards when Decluttering” discusses why it is important in your Rightsizing journey.

Learn to downsize like a pro

Getting through your downsize has many important techniques, and one of those is to roster yourself like that part-time job and pick out your most useful days for a Rightsize. There’ll be some days where you may have commitments like looking after your grandchildren every Monday or brunch with friends every Thursday. It might also be play golf on Wednesday which you’ve been doing for the last 10 years. You can have different commitments and we would like you to add to your commitments this declutter challenge. 

How do you roster?

In fact it’s critical that you do keep going with a lot of your normal activities. What I’m asking you to do when you come up with a roster for yourself is to work out that the best day for you and possibly a partner or someone who is living with you at home, where you can actually check out some time, and actually schedule it into your roster, like that of a part time job. For example, a good part time roster for a Rightsize in preparation of your property for sale would be Thursdays and Fridays, 2pm to 5pm. You may also have an opportunity to share this load with a friend. So if you’ve got someone in your circle, of course, get some help and you could also trade rosters or trade some time. So if my friend comes and helps me on Wednesday from 2pm to 5pm, I will help her or him on Friday from 2pm to 5pm. 

Why do you need a partner when decluttering?

Often, having someone help you can be so motivating and really helpful with the logistical challenges that are involved – not only on the emotional side but the physical side as well. If someone is coming around or you’re attending someone else’s property, and you’re trading those hours, it’s a great trick, because it keeps you motivated and keeps you going.

When you learn how to downsize, you’ll think about this part-time job as yours. It’s a part-time Rightsizing job so you can present your house for sale or declutter your house. It’s going to take a number of months to do or a number of weeks to do. And if you roster in that calendar, you will then be able to create those shifts with your declutter partner and both you need to work as much. 

If you have a declutter partner who may be; your daughter, son or a friend, ensure that they also need to commit to the days you rostered for them in your calendar. You may even have them volunteer; they may come over to your place and help you. So it’s really important to make it known and have it noted on the calendar and make sure you’re adhering to your ‘part time job roster’ and then things will really really happen. 

Reward yourself

The other side to rostering is the rewards. In the downsizing training course, you’ll understand this is critical to have on your calendar. This is my favorite bit. So you need to add the rewards into your calendar and you can treat yourself if you’re sticking to the plan. So what is it that you enjoy doing?

  • Have a meal out.
  • You may love golf weekend away. 
  • Rent a classic car for the day.
  • Get your hair done.
  • Have a massage.

It could be anything and I’d love to hear about it so do tell me your favorites. 

Learning how to downsize will help the whole journey, make it far more enjoyable and help motivate you so much more.  You’ll learn all the tricks of the downsizing trade!

If you have any questions about decluttering, please feel free to send us a message here. We’ve been guiding a lot of empty nesters in their declutter challenge. We can certainly help you.

We have a Decluttering Handy Checklist and a Declutter Challenge Calendar which you can download for free when you register to our members portal. You’ll find it in Part 2: The Declutter Challenge course as free resources. 

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Part 2: The Declutter Challenge

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