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How to Sell Things on eBay After Decluttering the Family Home

Have you ever wondered how to sell things on eBay after you’ve decluttered the family home? Is there someone who can help you?

Yes, there is a person who can definitely help you! eBay Trading Assistants are experienced eBay sellers who will sell your items on eBay for a fee. Work with a Trading Assistant and enjoy these benefits: Save time and effort. The Trading Assistant handles every aspect of selling your item on eBay, from listing the item to shipping it to the buyer.

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With over a decade of experience as a Property Makeover and Change Specialist, Belinda has spent many years helping transform homes and lives. You will find all aspects of Downsizing covered by Belinda and Adrian Wakelin in this workshop, “How to Sell Things You Don’t Need When You Declutter the Family Home” including Q&A asked by seniors in a friendly, relaxed environment, your home! This online workshop is FREE.

What are the options for selling your items?

  • Auction Houses
  • Classified sites like GumTree or Facebook Marketplace
  • Garage Sales
  • Fashion Consignment Shop
  • Online Auction Site eBay

Listen or watch to the workshop to find out what the pros and cons are for each of these avenues for selling your items.

What are people looking for on eBay?

  • You can sell virtually anything on eBay like antiques, furniture, household appliances, collectables, some high-end clothing & accessories, jewellery, watches, audio visual, cameras, phones, sporting equipment etc.
  • Larger items are offered nationwide and smaller items that can be posted are offered worldwide.
  • Collectors who collect specific items have searches set up with a keyword title like ‘Royal Doulton’. They are sent an alert that directs them to the listing.
  • eBay is not an online garage sale people are after quality high end items as well as everyday items. Some examples are: $30k Rolex watches, boats, Louis Vuitton clothes to whole designer kitchens.

What are the risks of selling on eBay?

  • Sometimes a buyer will purchase an item and then not pay or collect it.
  • The main risks are eliminated when an eBay Trading Assistant becomes involved with the sales process as you do not have to deal with the buyers this is all done by myself.
  • Your eBay Trading Assistant may not be able to sell every single item but he/she can advise how to dispose of and can quickly identify the most saleable items.

Top Tips on How to Sell Things on eBay After Decluttering the Family Home

#1: Downsizing or selling your items can give you a sense of freedom.

#2: Get expert help in knowing what your items are worth.

#3: For special pieces we can set a reserve and that would be the starting price.

#4: Remember your eBay trading assistant is working on a commission only basis so it is in his interests to achieve the highest price possible and will do his best to achieve this.

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