How to Master the Art of Downsizing and Relieve the Associated Stress

Moving from your treasured family home into a smaller space can not only feel daunting, it may also stir-up mixed emotions from the past. You may not feel positive however the outcome will be well worthwhile, especially if you are finding it hard to manage.

An important consideration to make would be deciding where you would like to move. If you enjoy being a part of the local community, finding a smaller home in the same area would be a great idea. It is usually the neighbourhood more than the house that you will miss.

You will also need to de-clutter and sort through everything you have accumulated over the years and decide whether to keep, sell or toss. It may be a good idea to hire a professional or ask for support from your family and friends. Starting sooner rather than later is advisable.

Belinda Woolrych, expert speaker and author of Rightsize Your Home –The Empty Nester?s Guide to a Stress-free Downsize,?along with other experts in the?field,?share their knowledge at our upcoming Downsizing Masterclass Events in Killara and Forestville in early March. Belinda will help attendees overcome the overwhelm and leave with a strategic plan.

Interested in learning more?

For event times and more information, visit? call 0404 293 485.?Cost: $10 per person ? includes Belinda?s Book ? Rightsize Your Home – with proceeds donated to Rotary International.

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