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How To Assess The State of Your Garden

In this post, Bevan Pulley of The Professional Landscapers and Belinda discuss how to assess the state of your garden.

Obviously, like first impressions, whenever you pull up to the front of the house, whether in the driveway or the pedestrian access to the property, I check the following:

  • Is the space clean and clear?
  • Can you see the house and number clearly?
  • Is the property safe and easy to get to?
  • Can the public easily see a clear direction to the front door?

We believe the garden should enhance the property. As property makeover and landscaping specialists, we’re looking at how we can make the property look even more beautiful, using the landscaping. Questions we ask ourselves are: Was it easy to follow and have safe, easy access into the property, and what can we do to make that property better??

A lot of the gardens I go to are cluttered and there’s a lot going on in them. The best gardens and the garden designers I work with, keep things simple so that they have a planting selection of, generally, between five and seven different plants. The designers replicate creating pockets – clusters of plantings that work throughout the garden rather than doing two of one type, one of that type, two of these types for example. The garden has no identity because nothing can grow up and shape and form into two areas that are going to give you the impact. It should be simple. Don’t overthink it. Pick even three to four plants total, and just replicate them in clusters to fill up the space and you’ve got a good pocket of, for example,?

Agapanthus or a good plant like salvias that are all together rather than having the garden plants spread out across the garden with no real impact by themselves.??

Good planting gives a message of being a little bit more in control and easier to maintain as well. Covered, uncluttered and defined beds brings us to that last point on this top topic, which is about not giving up the maintenance, sell a dream rather than a daunting thought – especially in our demographic buying a Rightsizer’s home. Sometimes our clients have a cottage garden feel or lots of variables in the garden. However, if you are thinking about heading towards that downsize or that route to ?Rightsize Now? its really time to look at paring your garden back and make it appeal to a first family home owner demographic (upsizers).? They are not wanting to do a maintenance program as a downsizer would normally have.

The idea is you don’t have to be in your garden every weekend, you want to try and minimize the time and the way to do that is to keep things simple.?

If we’re looking at making over a garden and it will be for an eventual presale, whether it’s sooner or later. It takes a while to get to that point.? Doing that scaling back and thinking about the next buyer or how my target market will like this garden, and not necessarily how I do is the way to go.? As a potential downsizer, I may love spending time in the garden, and it takes up a lot of my time but potentially a future purchaser will not.?

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