How do I Realistically Judge the Right Timing to Downsize?

In this post, we’ll explain how to realistically judge the right timing to Rightsize.

Well, realistically, everything is changing day by day right now. But once you are in control, you can roster what your actual actions are at home. I recommend you set yourself a time frame. I’ve always said in my public speaking, that this project is something to grab hold of personally, you know your items so well, and you know the contents of your home. You can get help from people like us regarding advice on what to do and how to present your home. But you are the ones who can actually judge the timing for this. So you know what’s there, and you know how to work through the property. I’ve always said in my seminars, that I think it’s worth treating this like a part-time job. I think you can allocate some time, a few times a week, set the diary for it, and actually break it down. In future webinars, we will have a decluttering challenge coming up which you can certainly be part of, and we can set the calendars together.?

For now, go around your entire home and create a floor plan, then use this free resource to allocate some time for each area.

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The Rightsize Your Home Podcasts is full of tips and guidance on How to Get in Control of Your Downsize in the Current Environment.

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