house for sale by valerie holdsworth

House for Sale by by Valerie Holdsworth

One of our rightsizers shared her poem about her house for sale. It is truly inspirational.

I used to be young and beautiful

Sleek, very much admired

For my ceilings high, and cornices;

Tiled fireplaces fine.

The garden all around me

Was colorful and neat I was at one time, known as,

The ‘best house’ in the street.

Time is not kind to houses,

Interest and finance lapse

My garden gate is creaking;

One ceiling has collapsed.

Once elegant and perfect

But like a girl, I’ve aged.

The ‘For Sale’ sign up outside me

Announces my next stage.

Please be a family who buys me I can be filled with laughter

So instead of dying, with care and a little fresh paint

I can live happily ever after.

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