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Home Furnishing Tips to Get You That Sale!

In this post, Sarah Toland and Belinda Woolrych discuss the top tips in presenting your home with furnishing to get you that sale.

Home Furnishing Tips


We want buyers walking through, and really feeling peace and tranquility. The buyer likes to imagine their own things in the home, not yours. We want as many people as possible, imagining themselves there in your home.

Use furniture to fit the space

Don’t overcrowd or create blockages with furniture. Use contemporary feel and sized items to compliment the space two show its best use and versatility.

Home Decorating Tips

Keep it neutral

People want to say that it’s a restful place, with no loud personal colour choices. Again, people can more likely imagine their items in the home if it is not dominated with loud colour. 

Add a touch of freshness with plants or floral arrangements

Clean like you have never cleaned before! Use lovely light, subtle smell and floral arrangements.

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