Downsizing Benefits After the Loss of a Partner

Thinking positively is how we ought to live our lives.  We want to have enjoyed our past and let the present work its wonders on our next road. Amongst Empty Nesters, after losing a loved one, the eternal question about the next road to take remains the same: What do I get if I rightsize to a different home? In this state of emotional dilemma, let Rightsize Your Home help you open the gifts that rightsizing brings.

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For the rest of us, the worry never really ends. It is just a matter of moving into the next house.

Some new questions to consider also include:

If you are a senior who is considering making a rightsizing move to a smaller home, what changes can you expect to see in your daily life if you are now on your own?

What is the difference between living alone after living with a partner? You may want to consider the feeling of having the family home to yourself after your beloved partner has passed.

Or you may choose to move closer to family or friends. Either way, the issue of what size home you need is an important consideration.

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A house can be a source of pride, but if it doesn’t look good and is not maintained, there’s an underlying sense of disappointment. You don’t want to walk into your house and feel an instant “pressure” as you see the dust and disorder of everyday life if the house is too big for you to manage.

Rightsize Your Home is a resource that will enable you to make a smooth transition by taking into consideration that while our children are grown and moved out of the home, sometimes an empty nest, can be an empty vacuum.

We have worked with many clients who have chosen to move on from the family home after the loss of a partner.  In most cases, the home is too large, and the children have left many many years ago.  There is an enormous sense of responsibility to upkeep a family home.  All of our clients who have chosen to move on to a smaller downsized home have not regretted it for a moment.  Not only has the everyday upkeep lessened for them, but they have also spoken of their less worry and more time that comes along with it.

If you are considering the move and are just not sure where to start, it is worth spending some time thinking about the downsizing mindset, and seeing where yours is at.


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