difficult to sell your family home

Why is it Difficult to Sell Your Family Home? (Part 2)

Continuing on from last blog… Is it difficult to sell your family home? 

It’s true that any home can be sold for the right price. But what are some common barriers that will affect price? Here are some unusual things that make home sales difficult.

4: Bad smell

Some houses often have their own smell. But sometimes the smell is too strong and can be a bit off putting. Cats, dogs, cigarettes, or strong cooking odours are certain smells that buyers cannot see past.  This sometimes means if you can smell it, you can’t sell it!

The Remedy: Keep the scent neutral.

Painting and carpet cleaning are terrific ways of freshening up, and of course have the added benefit of making the place look great too!.  I have had cases where the damp or ‘pet effect’ resulted in requiring the carpet to be changed. However, if the urine has soaked into the floor structure, it can be expensive!  On a lighter note, the best scents to have a hint of are; orange, coffee, flowers and (clean!) laundry.

5: The neighbour’s house

Even a tidy and well-kept house with a manicured lawn can be drawn backwards if a neighbour leaves the property with a messy facade, an uncut lawn, or piles of rubbish, that is really hard for you to deal with.  A messy neighbour is likely to affect the price of your property and cause unnecessary distraction from your sale.

The Remedy: Offer to help clean it up with them or pay for some help.

If you’re not brave enough to talk with them, get a friend to go with you.  They may be really grateful.  Last resort would be to contact your local council for help.

6: An unrealistic price tag

We live in a time when you can buy ‘renovators delights’ for big dollars! You may find your home invaluable, but others may not and won’t pay well for it. Don’t plan for a price tag that won’t come , it will really affect your retirement planning.

The Remedy: When in doubt, get professional help.

Know your competition and get a financial plan.  Hire Valuers and ensure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

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