What’s New & What are the Different Avenues for Selling Your Property?

What’s New & What are the Different Avenues for Selling Your Property?

With over a decade of experience as a Property Makeover and Change Specialist, Belinda has spent many years helping transform homes and lives. You will find all aspects of Downsizing covered by Belinda and Ewan Le Bourhis in this workshop, “What’s New & What are the Different Avenues for Selling Your Property ?” including Q&A asked by seniors in a friendly, relaxed environment, your home! This online workshop is FREE.

Different Avenues for Selling Your Property Workshop

Top Tips When Selecting an Agent

  1. Select your agent wisely.
  2. Ask recommendation from friends.
  3. Do not trust too much online reviews.
  4. There is actually a joke about this, try to find a negative review on these websites. There are only positive reviews.
  5. Go to local open house to check how agents behave.

Top Tip When You Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

  1. If you do it yourself, don’t wait the last minute, document yourself on the process, start with an independent valuation by a professional valuer and connect with a conveyancer to get your contract of sales in order.

Top Tips When You Mix the Different Avenues for Selling Your Property

  1. Don’t wait the last minute. Start early.
  2. If there is an agent involved make sure you are involved in the selection.
  3. Start with an independent valuation.

Final Tip

  • Be ready and present your property well.


Ewan Le BourhisHe is a technical expert, he has delivered many successful products in the Health and Transport industry and he recently won a national contest to come up with a new way to selling your property. He is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and creator of Early Match, for sellers willing to receive offers from buyers for their property without being on the market. Pre-Market in Sydney.


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