Faced with the prospect of moving, Empty Nesters are tasked with the overwhelming thought of choosing which possessions to keep, sell, discard or give away. It is true that through the years, each item in our possession has a memory attached to it. Belinda Woolrych has some suggestions so that the seemingly daunting task can be dealt with much less stress when the task is broken down to a more manageable schedule.

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As you prepare to move to a rightsized property appropriate to your needs, a timetable for your moving is very helpful. Timetables help you focus and be motivated as you prepare to enjoy your life in a rightsized place.

Start small. Sketch a floor plan. Start from one space of furniture in a particular room or floor. For example, if you decide to start in the living room, tackle one cabinet at a time. Each vase, trinket, and painting has a story to tell. However, remind yourself that you want to rightsize and that many things have to go.

Label and prepare boxes to sort your stuff. Keep what is essential for your new rightsized place.

Donate to someone or an organization who will benefit more from an item or furniture you own. Ask your children to pick up things they have stored through the years in the family home. This will ease a lot of your burden as you go through sorting and packing.

Sell items or furniture. Consider an appraisal of items you think have value. The cash earned could help in your moving or in the fulfillment of your bucket list.

Discard and toss it if it’s stained or broken.

Ask yourself. If you are having a hard time deciding which to pack or let go of, the most pragmatic way is to ask yourself the question, “Which is my favorite??“. By asking this, it will facilitate making a better choice.

Always label sorted boxes. This will help you to be organized and keep tabs on your stuff as they are packed.

Imagine your new rightsized place. As you work from a ‘typical’ floorplan, sketch your desired property space, and think about your new place. It is your guide in determining which item is needed in the new place. It may be difficult to let go of your possessions but are they needed in your new place?

Enlist help. Your family members, close friends, or a business like ours may be of help in packing. They will listen to you as you communicate your apprehensions. Also, it is a great bonding moment as you work side by side and stories are exchanged about some memorable item. Together, you can celebrate as you accomplish tasks you’ve set for yourself according to your timetable.

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