downsize and declutter 4 tips for older adults

Declutter and Downsize: 4 Tips for Older Adults

I’m going to share 10 years of tips to help the processing of a downsize and declutter when you are just that much older!  My view is – go easy on yourself!!

1st Tip: Get some help

Rightsize Your Home ThinkTank

Your real value is the decision making. Clients of mine will remember me saying “please make yourself comfortable and we will do the running around”. It’s important as an older adult that you can direct and think about the items without doing the ‘doing’, so you can take time to consider decisions and direct what you want to do.
You can always swap hours with a friend doing the same thing

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2nd Tip: Make it a ‘part time job’ and diary weekly hours

downsize and declutter - cleaning-minThink of this as your new part-time job. You will need to show up for the times you have allocated to declutter and commit if you want to see progress. Each time you declutter, and achieve a desired outcome, you will naturally feel better. This will be your motivation to continue along.




3rd Tip: Reward yourself and create milestones

retirement planning part 2

What reward will you put on your calendar? I want you to treat yourself if you are sticking to your plan and getting the job done. This will help make the journey far more enjoyable.

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4th Tip: Take before and after photos

downsize and declutter 4 tips for older adults

This is to give you a visual of your achievements!  Congratulate yourself and keep them in your diary so you can keep up your motivation!







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