Make the Decision to Declutter the home

Make the Decision to Declutter the Home – Mind Over Matter

In this post, Belinda discusses why making the decision to declutter the home is mind over matter.

Why Mind Over Matter?

In my view, your mind controls pretty much all of the actions you make and it does relate strongly to downsizing. Putting mind over matter is critical to downsizing success. You can have many things in your family home. Some people have much more than others, however much of it doesn’t really matter to a downsizer anymore. It’s the process of getting through and having the motivation to work through all of your items that is really difficult.  Years of your history is contained in your home which can create all sorts of emotional challenges.

Many of our past downsizing clients and readers of my Rightsize Your Home book have had 10, 20, 30, 40, or sometimes 50 plus years in a home and that certainly can mean they have a lot of  “stuff”! It can mean a lot of memories, it can mean a lot of items and it can mean a lot of reasons why not to leave or not to downsize from the family home.

So think about all your life experiences. Think back about all of the challenges you’ve had in your life. If you’re in the 60 plus age group (which generally our listeners and readers are),  you have had many experiences and you have had many challenges thrown at you already. I want you to put your current downsizing challenge into perspective.  I want you to think about them and give yourself a sense of confidence – you will and you can get through this!

Mind Over Matter Always Starts in a Home Declutter

Always start with the heart, then the head follows… the logistics or “matter”.  Generally, you know within yourself, a rightsize or a downsize needs to happen but the items you’re looking at around your home, are connected to your heart. Herein lies the problem! So then, your head needs to take over – mind over matter.  Once you’ve recognised your items are strongly related to your heart, you can make decisions around how much they genuinely mean to you – value from your heart, and the “declutter” will actually happen. Once you’ve got your head around that ‘mind over matter’, then you can start the logistical process, thoughts and actions about the items you have. 

Declutter Challenge: Environmental Distractions

Another challenge for your mind are environmental distractions. There are two types; physically eg; not able to move around, or emotional challenges; example being other people’s opinions about what you should do? Is it friends, family, and alternative opinions that are clouding your judgment causing you environmental challenges? What I want to ensure is that you put yourself in the middle of this process, because yes, other opinions, other people’s opinions may not matter. It is very important that health and safety of yourself, and what you want is priority. 

In summary, from a logistical sense, you have the items to deal with. Then from an environmental sense, you have the emotions and the challenges around you. If you can put yourself at that centre, this is what I really want.  Make yourself the priority and get what you want. What are your health and safety requirements?  Get your ‘mind over matter’ and the project becomes a purely logistical process. 

Close your eyes and have a dream about what your next house might be for you or what that home might be for you. So temporarily putting aside the location, the cost, all those sorts of things and visualise that next space. So the next step is to grab a piece of paper, or a napkin and a pen, or whatever it is that you have handy. And you can sketch that out. So what is it that you really want? What is it that you keep saying maybe when you are walking around your current family home, I wish I didn’t have that, or I wish I didn’t have this, or I wish I only had two bedrooms to look after. Or I wish I didn’t spend this much in power, or I wish I didn’t have this huge lawn to look after. 

What would that vision be in your sketched plan? Take some time and do that. That’s something that we’ve got on the declutter challenge for you.

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Part 2: The Declutter Challenge

Planning and Getting ‘Stuck In’ to Your Family Home Declutter

If you are feeling overwhelmed about the task ahead, you are not alone. Sorting through your things can stir up mixed emotions from the past and you may not feel ready to ‘let go’.

Rightsize Your Home Part 2: The Declutter Challenge helps future downsizers you learn how to move through the process in the right manner, so you can get the job done. You will be shown the way with clear, straight forward steps.

As you make progress, you will begin to notice how much better you feel. This is the ultimate motivator to keep you going!

Feel free to try this course – click here to Try the Sample Module

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