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The Different Costs to Rightsize Your Home

In this post, Jenny Simmonds and Belinda Woolrych discuss the different costs to Rightsize Your Home.

This is something, I think, we can probably both talk about as far as the process costs in getting the property ready. But there are also costs from a financial planning perspective. These costs to Rightsize Your Home are what downsizers should be aware of before they begin their Rightsizing journey.

The Different Costs to Rightsize Your Home


Conveyancing does vary a little but I usually budget for around two and a half thousand dollars – of course, one charge for the sale of your home, and then again, for the purchase of the new home. Roughly in total, you should budget approximately $5000 for legal costs.

Real Estate Agent 

Then there’s also obviously real estate agent costs, which do vary depending on agent and on the market. You can be a bit more competitive when there’s less stock on the market, but as a guide I usually estimate it somewhere between about 1.8 and 2% of the set of the sale price. I usually suggest to people to make sure when they’re signing those contracts to find out whether that’s inclusive of GST or on top of that. Generally it should be 1.8 to 2% inclusive of GST in this current market.


There’s usually marketing costs in addition, so that is separate and upfront costs, and that varies wildly depending on whether you want to have full page spreads in magazines like Manly Daily or online promoted listings or whether you’re happy just to have mostly online marketing, but I usually would estimate them an average of at least $6000. People go a little bit higher and if your properties were exclusive, you might want to access some of those high end magazines so you might need to budget a little bit more. Prices do change for premium ads for which suburbs you’re in and how much you buy in to do this. So quite significant differences online, but you’re right, everyone needs to be doing online marketing.

Property Makeover

That’s actually the way buyers are making most of their enquiries. To get the most out of their property sale, I usually would send clients back to people like yourself Belinda, to get an estimation of costs to present the property on the market – to get that WOW factor! Remember too, there could be buyers agents investments to save you money and find the right place! It’s also important to factor in any movement moving costs. If someone’s relocating in particular, and also stamp duty.

It’s important to consider all of these expenses as investment in an outcome, a way to make money and invest in you for your next phase. If you’re interested in finding out what properties aren’t seen on and, consider a buyers agent. You can email us at to find out more about putting you in touch with the buyers agents service or our financial planner contacts.

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