Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Ways to Regain Control When Downsizing

Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Ways to Regain Control When Downsizing

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about a downsize, you are not alone. Overwhelm in downsizing is normal and in fact the precipitator of why I wrote my book. I saw many many struggles with not only the logistical aspect of downsizing from the family home but the overwhelm of the emotional struggle which is more the point.

Here are my favourite ways of getting in control when downsizing:

1) Speak to someone who has already done it and ‘Shift your mindset’.

Downsizing Book for Rightsizing Your Home Guide

You will find (like the last chapter in my book) that people do live through the experience and come out a whole lot happier and in control on the other side.

2) Focus on the ‘end in mind’

dream home

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Picture yourself in your dream home with only the very most special things with you. Even make a scrapbook or a mood board of what you want to achieve. It could be the space you want to be in (don’t worry about the ‘where’) (or the holidays and places you may wish to go to when you have more time and money on your hands!)

3) Gather your support crew – your ‘rocks’


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Find people who want to support you. They may be experts in their field, like, gather:

A). True friends/family members,

B) A financial planner,

C) A buyers agent,

D) Property Presentation specialist,

E) Real estate agent

4) Communicate! Talk about it!


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Let people know and talk about it – communication is the key! Start talking as if it was happening. “When I move”, “In my new place”. You’ll be amazed how in-control you will feel when you speak with confidence to your rocks!

5) Make a date, get it on the calendar

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You will find, once you make a date, arrangements will start to happen and you won’t be so ‘fluid’ about the idea!

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