5 tips for retirement planning

5 Tips for Retirement Planning (Part 1)

Downsizing is like every successful journey, you always need to start off with a solid plan. You don’t take off on a hike without; a destination, expert guidance, the maps, compasses and supplies.
That is exactly what we are talking about here.

My tips unfold in exactly that order.. 

Part 1 of ‘ 5 Tips for Retirement Planning’

1st Tip: The Downsizing Destination

downsizing destinationWhere do you want to be?  That’s you I mean, not anyone one else telling you what they want!
Of course, there is the ‘try before you buy’ option in an area, but ultimately where is it that you want to end up? If family and/ or friends are the priority for you, then possibly you want your new location near them – or an airport. Is it medical, is it geographical, is it the actual home or surroundings that matter?  Everyone has a different end destination in mind.

Interestingly, downsizing destination can also be a mid-project point. You might have an idea of possible end destination options, but sometimes the mid-way point is all that you want to achieve.  You might just want to ‘set sail’ for the medium mid – term point of getting your declutter and your property ready and worry about the final destination location later.

2nd Tip: Get Expert Guidance

Discussing your options with the right professionals and making the right decision is imperative.  It’s like speaking to a hike ‘coach’ or terrain ‘expert’ on your hike.  You may be thinking of building a granny flat and renting out your property, or selling and moving into a lifestyle village or a smaller place of residence. These are the most common options. You will need to consider your new location and the most appropriate transition depending on your financial and personal circumstances.

Expert Guidance

As a minimum team you will need:

  • Financial Planner to build your plan (not an accountant, a Financial Planner is in addition to your accountant)
  • Buyers Agent (if you need assistance or do not feel confident about finding your next abode)
  • Valuer (for estimation of your sale and buy prices for your plan)
  • Property Makeover Specialist (to help with the downsize and help you profit as much as possible from your home presentation at sale time)
  • Solicitor or Conveyancer (for the contracts to sell and buy)
  • Real Estate Agent (for the eventual sale of your home)

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