10 tips you need to know about downsizing

10 Tips You Need To Know About Downsizing

There are 10 tips you need to know about downsizing and I’m happy to share them with you.

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Tip 1: Start way before you start!  Downsizing is a process that can take months of planning

Remember you can’t build Rome in a day.  Downsizing takes careful planning and preparation to do a great job of it.  So start thinking early and ensure you’re making moves long before you actually ‘move’!

Tip 2: You don’t need to know where you are going before you start the downsize

It’s helpful to not to know, then you don’t feel pressured.  However you can imagine the size and the scale of what you want to live in, so plan for that.  Then once you are ready to sell or lease your current home, you are free to fall in love with the next one!

Tip 3: Downsizing is your choice, no one else’s!  You must however take care of yourself and keep yourself safe

It’s great to control the process, but remember if people are worried about you then they are going to be talking about it.  So listen to them for safety, and stay in control – back to point 1….. Start way before you start!

Tip 4: Don’t do it alone, get help downsizing

Simple – get help (proper help).  Maybe you can return the favour and help a friend of yours too?

Tip 5: Dare to dream, downsizing will be better than you think

Downsizing can be fun, and ALL the contributors to my book say the same – read it to believe it!

Tip 6: Successful downsizing takes ‘mind over matter’

Start with the mindset and you will sail through the waters.  You can understand more at www.rightsizeyourhome.com.au

Tip 7: It’s never too late to downsize

If you’re worried it’s too late, its not, just do it!

Tip 8: It’s never too early to downsize

If you’re worried it’s too early, it’s not, just do it!

Tip 9: Reward yourself on the downsizing journey

Think of all the things you love to spoil yourself and roster them in with your hard work.

Tip 10: You can do it!



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