Useful Downsizing, Decluttering and Home Preparation Tips & Tricks

  • downsize your home
    What are the things to do before you downsize your home? The key word here is before! Essentially, the single most important thing to do before you downsize your home is to ensure you are thinking clear thoughts.  Clarity about how you feel about your downsize, brings the flow that
  • downsize and declutter 4 tips for older adults
    I’m going to share 10 years of tips to help the processing of a downsize and declutter when you are just that much older!  My view is – go easy on yourself!! 1st Tip: Get some help Your real value is the decision making. Clients of mine will remember me
  • 5 tips for retirement planning part 2
    Last week we spoke about the first two tips of our top 5 tips for retirement planning (part 2); 1. The downsizing destination and 2. The expert guidance. This week we will keep going and discuss the maps, compasses and supplies. Part 2 of ‘ 5 Tips for Retirement Planning’
  • 5 tips for retirement planning
    Downsizing is like every successful journey, you always need to start off with a solid plan. You don’t take off on a hike without; a destination, expert guidance, the maps, compasses and supplies. That is exactly what we are talking about here. My tips unfold in exactly that order..  Part
  • Downsizing Connections Group Book Giveaway
    The Downsizing Connections Group is giving away 2 copies of the Rightsize Your Home book.  How to enter: Write your name, address and phone number on the back of an envelope and post to: The Senior, Rightsize Your Home, PO Box 130, Wyong NSW 2259 Entries will close September 1, 2021. The
  • senior-friendly guide to downsizing
    Why I created a senior-friendly guide to downsizing I am forever grateful for the training and insight I have gained over the period of meeting so many incredible seniors and nearly seniors facing the challenges of a property downsize. I have learned so much from every single one of you!