Useful Downsizing, Decluttering and Home Preparation Tips & Tricks

  • too much stuff for a downsize
    Don’t worry! There’s a way to get through it! Decades of stuff can certainly make you think there is no way you can get through a downsize. Quite frankly it will feel like it is easier to stay than go. How on earth can this be done? There’s a way
  • Upside of Downsizing
    YES, there are many upsides – check out my top 5 list! Are you contemplating a downsized life right now in your senior years, or upcoming senior years?  Freeing yourself of the family home, enjoying more freedoms?  Are you doubting this very title – ‘Upsides to a Downsize’.  Two words
  • barriers to downsizing
    Are you stuck in a dilemma about when and how to downsize?  Are there emotions or barriers to downsizing or in your way of moving forward?  Are there barriers to you wanting to start downsizing?  Is it someone or something that is stopping you from making the move? I have
  • What are my next home options when downsizing
    You have decided to Rightsize and now it is time to make a decision on where you will be happiest. The options available can be somewhat overwhelming. You will soon discover that there are both benefits and drawbacks to all of your options. Following, you will find a small description
  • How to Get Rid of Furniture When Downsizing
    We interviewed an experienced eBay seller on how to get rid of furniture when downsizing and he recommended these options for selling your items. Whatever circumstances you’re in, whether you’re downsizing or could be a deceased estate, if you’re not used to selling items, you don’t know where to start,
  • How to Downsize Your Stuff Without Moving
    Downsizing a home – without moving – is the first step to downsizing success! It’s the first trick up my sleeve to a stress-free downsize. At the very beginning, even if you have not started the downsizing journey is ‘shifting your mindset’. That involves being emotionally and logistically ready for