• Incentives for Elderly to Downsize Homes
    I couldn’t think of a better incentive to downsize from a family home than wanting to experience one of the great news stories that come from hundreds of others, for yourself! If you are looking for incentives about having a downsized home, look no further than within your own future…
  • Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Ways to Regain Control When Downsizing
    If you’re feeling overwhelmed about a downsize, you are not alone. Overwhelm in downsizing is normal and in fact the precipitator of why I wrote my book. I saw many many struggles with not only the logistical aspect of downsizing from the family home but the overwhelm of the emotional
  • buy first or sell first pros and cons
    In the previous post, you’ve learned that the three main drivers of decision-making when it comes to buying or selling first are risk tolerance, supply and demand, and the property market cycle. You now have, more or less, an idea about what to do next. If you already have formed
  • Buy First or Sell First
    If you found this blog post, it means that you may be looking for an answer to that same question. You’re not alone. While a definite answer hardly applies to everyone, knowing as much about the factors that lead to a sound decision is your best route. We’ll help you
  • Mistakes People Make When Downsizing in Retirement
    Don’t make these downsizing mistakes in retirement! The question on many downsizer’s minds – where do I buy? There are literally thousands of options when downsizing.  You can buy off the plan, go into retirement living, move away, stay close by, the list goes on and on. No wonder so
  • downsize your home
    What are the things to do before you downsize your home? The key word here is before! Essentially, the single most important thing to do before you downsize your home is to ensure you are thinking clear thoughts.  Clarity about how you feel about your downsize, brings the flow that