Downsizing Products for Seniors

Downsizing Products for Seniors

Rightsize Your Home has been helping empty nesters since 2008. Through our experience, it led to the creation of the ultimate downsizing products for seniors. The online courses and the membership program are specifically developed for seniors who are thinking of downsizing or what we call 'Rightsizing'.

If you've been wanting to Rightsize but have been putting off or avoiding the big move altogether, the downsizing products for seniors could be the life-changing influence you've been waiting for!


Part 1: Shifting Your Mindset

Understanding the RIGHT TIME, Moving Roadblocks, How to be READY for your DOWNSIZE.

This course is designed as the first step of a 3-part program focusing on improving your mindset and can be completed independently or as a pre-requisite to Part 2 and Part 3 for the full 'Rightsize Your Home' program.

Rightsize Your Home Part 1: Shifting Your Mindset will help you understand where you are currently at and help you move through any overwhelming thoughts that may be stopping you from moving forward. You will also begin to plan and feel more excited about your next chapter!

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Part 2: The Declutter Challenge

Planning and Getting 'Stuck In' to Your Family Home Declutter

If you are feeling overwhelmed about the task ahead, you are not alone. Sorting through your things can stir up mixed emotions from the past and you may not feel ready to 'let go'.

Rightsize Your Home Part 2: The Declutter Challenge helps future downsizers you learn how to move through the process in the right manner, so you can get the job done. You will be shown the way with clear, straight forward steps.

As you make progress, you will begin to notice how much better you feel. This is the ultimate motivator to keep you going!

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Part 3: Adding Value to Your Family Home

How to Profit with your Best Sale and Price of Your Family Home

This course is the last part of my 3 part Rightsize Your Home downsizing program, designed to break down the property presentation challenge ahead of you and get you into it!

Rightsize Your Home Part 3: Adding Value to Your Family Home will get you on your way, covering all the practical tips and insights I have used over the last decade of helping thousands of homeowners get in control and get through their property presentation enabling millions of dollars of added property value and a more profitable and efficient transition process, whether they were selling or renting it out after their move.

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Rightsizers ThinkTank

Get Downsizing Insights, Tips and Coaching from our Downsizing Expert and the ThinkTank Community

Rightsize Your Home brings you a community for Rightsizers - a place where you can share, collaborate and help each other in your Rightsizing journey.

The membership includes:

  • 2 online workshops every month
  • 40-mins Live Q&A session with Belinda for ThinkTank members
  • Free resources and downloadables

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Rightsize Your Home

The Empty Nester's Guide to a Stress-Free Downsize

We have the ultimate guide to planning a stress-free Downsize so you can feel more positive about your next move. You will find all aspects of Downsizing covered by Belinda and expert contributors in a quest to answer all of your questions and help you overcome the fear and challenges that so often present.


  • Resources Included – To-do lists, guides, and example floor plan and decluttering and styling hours allocation
  • Real-Life Examples – Learn from case studies of empty nesters who embraced change and are now enjoying the ‘Rightsize’ Lifestyle
  • Bonus – Get a free custom inspection and moving checklists plus a pre-market preparation calendar template